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Game Music

If you have a great game in need of great game music, my talent is available for hire. I compose in different genres and always tailor my music to the visuals and the desired impact. I understand adaptive audio and will deliver according to the implementation method chosen for the game.


Film / TV Music

Whether your project is a film, TV or web series with a need for an original score, I'll supply you with dramatic and emotional music with the highest attention to detail. Orchestral, ambient, electronic or a hybrid of different elements - whatever your project needs.


Other Custom Audio

Do you have a game trailer that needs a bombastic bigger-than-life music track? Or a TV commercial something with an emotional impact? Maybe your company is in need of a fresh sound logo or original music for the next advertising campaign?

Contact me with your idea and let's work out what I can do for you. I'm used to working with tight deadlines without compromising quality and will deliver audio exactly as required. 


Production Music

I have built a strong and diverse catalog of production music over the years, and it's available on a few select libraries that I work with. The genres vary from epic orchestral to electronic pop, inspirational music, corporate tracks, classic rock and everything in between. If you're looking just for one track to license for your game, this can be an affordable option. If you have something specific in mind though, I recommend asking for a quote on custom music.

See available production music

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